Artificial intelligence for real-time and digital media monitoring

Real-time alerts system

Real-time alerts system

Generates alerts instantly, through an assistant (Patronum®) with artificial intelligence that allows connection to any public or private digital medium.

Stakeholder monitoring

Stakeholder monitoring

In addition to your own stakeholders, you will have 500 stakeholders available such as digital media, opinion leaders, blogs and influencers at no additional cost.

Information classification

Information classification

It allows extracting public information from digital media and social networks in real time, and classified topics.

Information qualification

Information qualification

Monitors, classifies and qualifies alerts regarding the brand, industry, competition and interested topics in real time, 24/7.

Digital media and artificial intelligence monitoring

Patronum extracts information from any digital medium and delivers intelligence about its market, industry and stakeholders.

Content extraction from digital media

Download in real time all the information from digital media, related to the brand or otther interested topics.

Reading patterns and permanent alerts

Patronum detects behavior patterns in order to predict events and subsequently send alerts about threats and opportunities.

Stakeholders activity monitoring

Patronum monitors and distributes the activity of the interested stakeholders, through different chat channels.

Qualification and classification of digital media data

Processes and classifies the data obtained from the monitoring of digital media, based on the interests of the stakeholders, the topics, their attitude and intention.


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Frequently Asked Questions

General information about Patronum, how it works, and how it operates.

A stakeholder is a person of interest. It could be a living person, a brand, company or social organization that is affected or could affect other ones in a general or specific way.

They are those essential entities for you, such as your company, subsidiaries, brands, competitors and the interested topics related to your needs that you may want to monitor.

We know that everything changes, so you can modify your own stakeholders from the PATRONUM configuration wizard so that you can monitor what is really important to you.

We currently monitor more than 4,000 Stakeholders in Latin America. With the surveillance service you will be able to include Politicians, Digital Media, Opinion leaders and blogs in your surveillance so that you do not miss any information.

The number of alerts you can receive per month is unlimited, every time your own stakeholder is mentioned in digital media you will receive a message with the information on your cell phone.

The surveillance service can listen to and identify messages in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Patronum has no geographic zone limitations to identify alerts in real time.

The service is configured to listen to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. In addition, it will alert you if a note from a digital medium or an opinion leader has been indexed in Google.

Patronum will communicate with you through different types of messaging channels. However, Telegram Messenger is his favorite.

You can start the Patronum experience during 15 days for free. At the end of the trial period, your first monthly payment will be charged to your credit card so that you can continue with this service. In case you want to cancel the service, you will only have to contact your Patronum advisor.

Every week you will receive an email report with the information related to the information requested from your configuration.

In the configuration wizard you will be able to make adjustments according to the industry, stakeholders and interested topics.